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Wanda Draper has spent her career showing the world the difference that a child can make. From her days teaching, to getting her doctorate in child and human development, and then testifying in over 100 capital trial cases, Dr. Draper has proven time and time again, how changing the world starts with the children.

Her impact has been made and continues to be made throughout the world with Education Futures International.  EFI is at the center of her work and is her passion.  Having a reverence for life, both for self and others, and Nature, truly gives children the opportunity to learn about what matters most in this world.  This reverence allows them the opportunity to make and be the difference.

Dr. Draper has also shared her insight and wisdom in her work as an author.  Her books have been read worldwide, and even been used to teach doctors as they learn about human development.

As an expert witness, Dr. Draper has gone into and seen places that most people can only imagine.  She has asked the questions, done the research, and in doing so, has discovered the truth that has helped determine life or death.

For Dr. Draper, it all starts with the children.  If we take the time to educate them about the things that they need to respect in this life, it makes this world a different place.  It makes it a better place.

Welcome to wandadraper.com.  If you are looking to understand the importance of children and their childhoods, you have come to the right place.  Let Dr. Draper show you.

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