Education Futures International – The Philippine Islands is committed to help each child integrate body, mind and spirit.  EFI helps children around the world pursue a reverence for life while developing respect for self, others and nature.  Children learn to incorporate arts and academics into learning. They learn to develop communication skills and apply creativity while pursuing the knowledge and life skills they need to succeed.  

EFI’s developmental approach encompasses the uniqueness of each child and gives them the opportunity to learn by having the freedom to explore the answers to questions without being given the “right answers.”  It utilizes a hands-on, practical approach to learning as they discover and enjoy adventures in Nature.

EFI focuses on children learning the life virtues such as integrity, appreciation, kindness, inner peace and more.  They also practice the respect needed for success in the world they live in.  EFI employs an emphasis on Nature, drama and the arts as the underlying foundation as children build their self confidence, learn how to get along with others and expand the vision of the possibilities in their lives.

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