Modeled after Adventures at Rocky Creek, Education Futures International – The Philippine Islands launched the first Nature School in June 2022.  Under the direction of the executive director of EFI in the Eastern Hemisphere, Jocel Madea, the school opened and began working with children ages 6-10.

The Nature School by design, encompasses children learning a reverence for life though learning adventures in Nature.  Each learning adventure is based on a different core virtue that helps the child to learn the value of relationships with others and the necessary skills to successfully getting along with others.

Children learn about a range of topics such as animals, humans, stars and planets, food and nutrition, art, music, weather and more.  They also learn the importance of being creative while being free to explore and develop their imagination.  Children experience ways to care for the Earth, it’s resources and the people and animals they share the Earth with, as well as learning to properly care for themselves so they can lead healthy lives.

The Nature School is based on Dr. Draper’s years of experience in both human development and her work with children.  The individual child is always the primary focus, and providing them the atmosphere to explore their uniqueness and the gifts that each child brings in that uniqueness is key.

When children learn necessary life virtues, the respect and reverence for life, and the importance of caring for the world that they live in, they really can change the world!

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