MEET Jocel

Meet Jocel Madea

Executive Director of Education Futures InternationalEastern Hemisphere, Jocel Espedilla Madea, provides the leadership for developing a prototype program of education for children to be implemented in the Philippines and throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. He is currently designing the Anita and Grace Madea Foundation affiliated with Education Futures International to be located in the Leyte area of the Philippines. He is exploring the cities of Ormoc and Tacloban for locating education facilities for children and families. His current volunteer work for the not-for-profit organization includes directing the building of a residential home in the rural area of Leyte and training young men to do construction work.

He has served as a business consultant to organizations and companies aimed at updating efficiency of customer services and leadership for volunteerism. His work as a Subject Matter Expert(SME) in Telstra International (Phil.Inc.TIPI) and as a Pioneer SME/Case Manager for Telstra Residential Billing Accounts at Teleperformance Cebu site,  earned him the titles of Top Maximizer Awardee and Convergys Banawa Top Performance Award and a trip to Sydney, Australia to work with training teams for Telstra International. Mr. Madea’s work with IBM Sprint Nextel brought further recognition for his work with awards including Issue Resolution and Balanced Scorecard Champion, for high productivity in the workplace and mentoring team members. He is adept at the latest technology and competent in the application of computer skills and social media to enhance and expand his expertise.

In conjunction with his work in Education Futures International and consulting, Mr. Madea’s philosophy includes balancing life experience and the joy of one’s work and talents.  He is a musician, artist, photographer, naturist, and motorcyclist.  His leadership skills include motivating young people and team members to work together to accomplish goals and meet expectations, and the problem solving skills necessary to resolve and successfully complete a task. During his college years he was one of the founders of MAPS (Mountain Adventure and Protection Society), an organization of rock climbers that scaled hills and mountainsides to clean up debris and help preserve the environment. An avid athlete, he competed in triathlon and a variety of running and swimming sports. He reports that his early childhood and youth established a very strong sensitivity to the value of relationships. His close ties with cousins and extended family provided life-long connections and the joy of meaningful interactions.  His maternal grandmother had a powerful influence on his early development; thus, enhancing his creativity, self-confidence, grateful attitude and reverence for life. Jocel  Madea credits his early childhood experiences as the foundation for his enthusiasm and love of humanity and accounts for his naturally emerging avocation as a spiritual teacher and a steward of the earth.  He studied Business Management at the Asian Development Foundation College in Tacloban.  He plans to pursue his doctorate in human and child development.


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